Youth LEGO robotics tournament held at Aiken High

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December 2, 2006

11 teams faced off in a robot competition made entirely of LEGO at Aiken High School today in the First LEGO League Regional Tournament.

Who would've ever thought the classic red two by four LEGO brick would ever come to this: battery-powered robots made entirely of LEGO, with some of the smallest hands bringing them to life.

The First LEGO League is considered the little league of the First Robotics Competition. Children ages 9 to 14 use science, technology and engineering to create their own unique robot.

The mission is to see which robot can complete the most tasks in two and a half minutes.

11 teams battled it out in the CSRA to see which team will go to the state competitions in Columbia.

For 11-year-old Larson Scott, it's a dream come true.

"I've been playing with LEGOs since I was two. This is awesome," he said.

His team, called "M'Aiken Li'l Magic" from Scofield Middle, are the veterans of the LEGO tournaments in the area.

The winners today will go to Columbia for the state tournament in January.

Those winners will then face off in Atlanta for the world-wide competition.