Man wanted in abduction, assault of Aiken woman

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December 1, 2006

An Aiken woman is home safe tonight, after she says she was abducted, assaulted, and dumped off in another county.

Police say the man responsible is still on the loose. They're hoping a sketch of the suspect will provide some leads. The sketch was released today after the victim helped identify the facial features of her attacker...who could be anywhere by now.

Investigators are working 'round the clock after a Maple Street resident was found in Barnwell County claiming she'd been abducted from her home.

The man who may be responsible is likely still armed.

"You have to think positive, and as a Christian, I do," said Maple Street resident June Courter.

Not only is June positive, she's downright fearless.

"We have police that travel every so often, and so I feel that I'm very safe."

In an effort to preserve the public's safety, investigators are asking you take a good look at their suspect: a tall, white male in dark clothing with a shaved head and a red goatee.

Any information could help shed light on a case that's still unsolved.

"If nothing else, we can get people to start looking and saying, 'Well, that might be'," said Capt. Wendell Hall.

Because this crime started and ended in two different places, two agencies are working to solve it: the Aiken Department of Public Safety and the Barnwell County Sheriff's Office.

If you have any information on the suspect's whereabouts, you're asked to call either office immediately.

Barnwell is (803) 541-1080. Aiken is (803) 642-7620.