Richmond County schools don't have emergency plan

November 28, 2006

A few Columbia and Richmond County schools were victims of some bomb threats a couple months ago.

News 12 has learned the Richmond County school system does not have an official, system-wide emergency preparedness plan.

We spoke with school board member Marion Barnes and a concerned mom about the status of an emergency plan for schools in Richmond County, and why it's taken so long to complete.

"We have to meet certain guidelines, state guidelines, local guidelines," Barnes explained. "Different areas have to come together and make it one piece."

"We have all type of people wandering in the community," said parent Angela Holbrook. "Knowing that there is a safety plan, then I think we will have a sense of some security within our schools. Our children will be protected while they're getting an education."

The Richmond County Board of Education should have the plan ready to implement in a week or two.