Aiken County 12-year-old dies in motorcycle accident

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November 27, 2006

It was a deadly weekend on Georgia and South Carolina highways.

The Georgia State Patrol says 18 people died on the state's roads during the Thanksgiving holiday. The number of deaths is one higher than last year.

The state patrol says it also received reports of 3586 crashes and 939 injuries.

In South Carolina, 8 people died. That's 2 less than last year.

One of those victims was a 12-year-old Aiken County girl who died in a motorcycle crash.

Anna Flowers' family was already struggling to make ends meet, and now they're dealing with a loss.

But there is help. The couple next door says they'll support the single mother and five siblings...and help them remember Anna.

Tammy Kirkland and her husband have always helped Anna's struggling family any way they could, from sharing their time right down to sharing hot water. Now, they will share their grief.

"Anything anybody needs, we try to help them out any way we can, even though we don't have much," Tammy told News 12. "I thought she was a wonderful girl."

The South Carolina Highway Patrol says Anna was riding a motorcycle with her 18-year-old brother Ben.

"He tried to pass, flipped off, and his passenger happened to be his sister, who died," said Lance Corporal Clinton.

Now the family is planning Anna's funeral and trying to pay Ben's medical bill.

That's where their pastor, Henry Cooper, comes in.

"They just need some people to come around and say, 'We're here for you, we want to help you'," Cooper said.

He already arranged for the hospital to bring Ben a bed. But he says the family needs more than financial help--they need friendship.

"They're a sweet family," he said. "I'm sorry for their loss."

Tammy says she will be there to help them through that loss...and help them remember the happy times she spent with Anna.

Anna and her brother were on the way home from Salley's annual Chitlin' Strut. They were just down the street from their house. State troopers say she was wearing a helmet...he was not.

It's unclear whether there will be any charges. Ben is considered at fault, and state troopers say if anything, he could be face charges for driving too fast and not wearing a helmet.