Special Assignment: BOE candidate A.K. Hasan

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November 24, 2006

It's back to the polls on December 5 for runoff elections. One of those races is Richmond County's District 9 school board race.

The two candidates are Venus Cain and current school board member A.K. Hasan.

In a News 12 Special Assignment, Kate Tillotson sits down with Hasan and asks why he wants to keep his seat on the board.

51-year-old A.K. Hasan is once again seeking re-election for Richmond County's District 9 school board seat.

Although he was considered the front-runner for the midterm election, he failed to receive the majority +1 vote.

That surprised a lot of people.

"There were some commitments probably made to some people some time ago, and that was reflected in the polls," Hasan said.

So with the race down to himself and logistics specialist Venus Cain, Hasan is concentrating on his campaign.

Perhaps his biggest advantage is experience. He was president of the board for four years in the 80's, a city councilman for a year, and, most recently, replaced former school board member Johnny Hatney last November.

"That overall experience in government, understanding policies and procedures and development of policies and procedures, will prove very beneficial to Richmond County students over the next four years."

And Hasan says he'd like to continue riding this wave of change he helped spark.

You may remember him playing a key role in tweaking Dr. Charles Larke's contract, which ultimately led to what's now an aggressive, nationwide search for a new school superintendent.

He's also made it his personal goal to spearhead magnet programs throughout Richmond County.

It's unfinished business he says he's the best candidate to complete.

"When I first came to the board, I was a completely ostracized board member, but by the time these eleven months have expired, we have relationships with each of the existing board members and the board members coming aboard. So I am very comfortable that I can work with them and that we can get some things accomplished for the future."