Dumb and Dangerous Driving - November 24, 2006

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One of the busiest shopping days brings out a lot of traffic...and a lot of bad driving.

We're all under so much pressure this time of year.

Manners seem to go right out the window on Black Friday. Drivers are cutting people off, blocking traffic, and doing just about anything to get the best spot, which can make parking lots a holiday nightmare.

We saw a pickup truck get stuck in the mud trying to make a u-turn when there wasn't enough space. The truck ended up blocking traffic.

Driving like this makes hitting the stores a scary experience for Tracey Goss.

"A lot of horn honking, a lot of impatient people, keeps you on your toes!" she said.

Two drivers got tired of waiting and decided to block traffic. This is especially dangerous when people cut across the parking lot from different directions, making it hard for shoppers like Heidi Bond to hit the stores.

"It took us about ten minutes to find a space!" she said.

Not everyone is that patient. Some will pull right out in front of you. Some run red lights. That's the type of driving Phyllis Keener spent the morning trying to avoid.

"We've been here since 6:30," she said. "I don't know why we're here!"

Phyllis is always the passenger on Black Friday because of inconsiderate driving.

We saw a car trying to catch an arrow that ended up blocking an intersection; an SUV backing into traffic, holding everyone up for the sake of a good spot; three SUVs almost back into each other, all trying to be the first out of the parking lot.

AAA reports tens of thousands of crashes involving aggressive driving across the country every year. On average, that leads to more than ten thousand serious injuries, and several hundred deaths.