MCG study: kids with high BMI at risk of sleep-breathing disorder

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November 22, 2006

Overweight kids aren't just in danger of developing diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses.

MCG's been studying kids with high body mass indices, or BMI's. High BMI means you weigh too much for your height. In a study released today, MCG found that 25 percent of children with high BMI's have a sleep-breathing disorder.

That means sometimes they'll stop breathing at night...which can be deadly.

"Snoring is the biggest signal," principal investigator Dr. Catherine Davis told News 12. "A child who snores is not breathing normally. Snoring is not to be ignored."

Investigators at MCG found kids in the study who exercised hardest saw the sleep-breathing disorder disappear.

It's not just potentially fatal--it can also lead to kids not getting enough sleep, and kids getting improperly diagnosed with attention deficit disorder.

The study was just published in the journal Obesity.