Pack smart for holiday travel

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November 21, 2006

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many of you will be heading out of town to visit family for the holiday...making this one of the biggest travel weeks of the year.

And with all the new safety regulations, remembering what you can and cannot pack can wear you out even before the flight.

News 12 is on your side with some important travel information.

It seems everyone is hitting the road or taking to the skies, so we went to Augusta Regional Airport to see how the holiday season is taking off.

Travelers ready to visit friends and family for the holiday were handing in their tickets.

But getting there can be the biggest problem.

Nancy Sjostrom's flight to Atlanta was already delayed, but she says flying out of Augusta Regional is worth it.

"That makes it worth your while--security," she said. "Not that it's easier, it's just that it's quicker."

Augusta's new terminal offers quicker security checkpoints, but the same regulations.

"The biggest thing travelers need to focus on right now are their liquids and their gels," said screening manager Scott Taylor.

When it comes to which liquids and gels we can bring with us on the plane, the days of traveling with full size items are over. Now TSA wants us to remember 3-1-1: one quart size bag per person. In it you can have any type of toiletry item you want. Gels are fine; so are liquids and lotions, so long as it's no bigger than three ounces and in a Ziploc bag.

But Ara Kimbraugh says the liquid regulations are hard to follow with a child.

"They said you can only have so much for an eight or ten hour period, but that's tough with an infant, because we are already delayed, and if we get stuck at our next stop I want to make sure we have enough formula, liquid and stuff," she said.

Baby formula is allowed, but don't bring more than you need for your flight.

Aerosols are also allowed, but again, they have to be in your quart-size bag.

And remember, you're only allowed one bag per person.

Gifts are fine, but don't wrap any of your presents before you get there, since security officials will just have to unwrap them.

If you are giving any food like jams or sauces, they have to fit that 3-1-1 rule: one bag for one person, with nothing bigger than three ounces.

News 12 did some checking, and we found that there are also some do's and don'ts when it comes to what you wear. Here's a quick checklist to consider.

Metal in your clothing may delay you at the metal detector, so make sure to pack any coins, keys, and jewelry.

Wear shoes that you can slip off easily, because TSA officials will be scanning your shoes.

Big coats, blazers and suit jackets will have to be removed and screened as well.

There is some good news this travel season. Augusta Regional has its new terminal open. And if you fly through Atlanta, there are two more runways open for flights, which should help you get through that busy airport.