US Airways temporarily cuts prices for flights from Augusta

November 16, 2006

US Airways is slashing prices in Augusta, hoping to get more people to fly close to home.

In a joint effort between the airline and Augusta Regional Airport, the company announced today they'll reduce prices up to 57 percent on last-minute tickets.

The savings will apply to 30 cities including Dallas, Las Vegas and Orlando.

It's a move to keep frequent flyers from going to Atlanta or Columbia because of cheaper rates.

"It's hard to justify a ticket $100 to 200 out of Augusta," says Augusta resident Lisa Maselli. "On the flip side you can take a shuttle to Atlanta and it's still cheaper."

The price cuts are only on a temporary basis to see if more people will fly out of Augusta.

If they don't, US Airways says they may have to adjust fares in the future to cover the price reductions.