Missing wrecker driver wanted new life

November 15, 2006

A missing wrecker driver was found alive and well, but it looks like he won't be coming back for a while.

Jason Pinion disappeared a week ago while he was working for Don's Collision Center in North Augusta.

Now his dad says his son called saying he wanted to start over in a new place.

Jason was driving a truck belonging to Don's Collision Center when he left. The truck turned up in Leesville, South Carolina.

So far, there's no sign that Jason will face any charges...and his dad says he wishes him the best.

"I explained to him that he shouldn't have done this the way he done it," Ronnie Pinion told News 12. "He said he didn't know anything else to do. I wished him all the best of luck he could have."

'There was a good ending to this," he went on. "And Jason, if you're listening, if you need anything, all you have to do is call Dad, we are still there for you."

Jason's dad thanked everyone for the support.

Jason is now living in Batesburg.