Deadly wrecks on the rise in Aiken

November 15, 2006

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety wants you to know about the increase in deadly wrecks in the Aiken area.

Today officers went to several businesses and churches to alert people about the growing problem.

While traffic deaths are down overall compared to last year, deaths are clustering in certain areas, such as Aiken.

These so called "Street Teams" want to get the message out before you get on the road for the Thanksgiving holiday.

"If we can get the message out that citizens of South Carolina have to observe the speed limits, wear their seat belts, and do whatever they need to do to get where they are going, we will have a reduction in fatalities on our state highways," one officer explained.

11 counties across the state are part of the Street Team.

Last year Aiken County had a total of 22 traffic deaths. This year, the city has already had 25.