Man dies suddenly after fight with father

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November 14, 2006

A son is dead after a fight with his father this afternoon.

Now investigators are trying to decide if Dennis Murray, Sr. should be charged in his son's death.

It all started around lunchtime at 537 Chafee Avenue in Augusta, where father and son both lived.

28-year-old Dennis Murray, Jr., known as "P", suffered from congestive heart failure, blood clots, and kidney problems. Richmond County investigators and family want to know if these health problems alone caused his death, or if his father played a role.

"He was a very good person, very kind hearted person, loved life," P's mother, Sherry Bussey, told News 12. She can't get her son's final moments out of her mind.

"I went to reach for his arm and he fell dead in my arms. I kept calling him, but he wouldn't answer me, and that's when I seen the blood running out of his mouth."

"There were attempts to resuscitate him," said Inv. Tom Johnson of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. "He was brought back a couple of times."

But P didn't make it. He was pronounced dead at MCG.

Now family members and investigators are looking at his father.

A fight broke out over money at the home the two men shared off of Chafee Avenue. Investigators say the father pulled a knife, cutting P on his hand.

"I got a call from my son approximately 12:38, and he was very upset, and he said, 'Mom, can you come over? Because me and Dad is having a little argument'," Bussey recalled.

And things got worse.

"His dad all of a sudden decided he wanted to start it back up."

The two began fighting in the back bedroom, and, within minutes, P lay dying.

"He pushed it to the point that I don't have my son with me no more, and I think he should be held responsible for what he done," Bussey said.

"It's a difficult one to investigate, because with malice murder there has to be intent, and whether Dennis Murray intended to do this or not is what we are going to have to determine," Inv. Johnson said.

Dennis Murray, Sr. was taken to the Richmond County Law Enforcement Center for questioning. He was released around 6 o'clock.

Investigators say they will have to get together and determine if they believe he meant to kill his son. Inv. Johnson says this might even be a case where they'll have to consult with the district attorney.

But before that they'll have to look at Dennis Murray Jr.'s official cause of death, which will be determined in an autopsy tomorrow morning.