Desire Northington out of the hospital, undergoing rehab

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November 13, 2006

They're calling it a miracle.

More than two weeks after 13 year old Desire Northington was critically injured on the Orbiter fair ride, she is out of the hospital and undergoing rehab.

Desire's family says she is almost back to her normal self, smiling, making jokes, and walking around.

It's comforting news for a family that just days ago could only hope for the best.

Desire Northington's grandmother, Beverly Biddings, says it's a miracle: her granddaughter who just a week ago was fighting for her life at MCG is now very much alert. Desire's progress is evident in a home video Beverly showed us.

"I love everyone," Desire says in the video. "All of you guys helped me. I can talk now. I can walk now."

We spoke with Beverly today.

"I just saw Desire," she said. "She's doing very good. She was just coming out of her therapy. She's at a rehab center. She was coming out of therapy and she had a good session, so I was pretty happy."

13-year-old Desire was critically injured when she was thrown 60 feet off of the Orbiter ride at the Georgia-Carolina Fair two weeks ago.

Though she's now out of the hospital, doctors prefer she focus strictly on her rehab and not give any interviews.

But Desire insisted everyone know she's okay, and that's why she made a home video.

"I just wanted to say thank you for your prayers," she says in the video. "I want to thank the whole A. U. G."

"She wanted the people here in Augusta and South Carolina and anywhere to see how well she was doing," Beverly said. "To say thank you for the prayers."

We're told Desire can't wait to get home...and when she does, she'll have a new little puppy to keep her company until she gets back in school.

While the investigation into the ride is still ongoing, Desire's family says the investigation itself offers some comfort.

"I'm learning a lot of information about this ride," Beverly said. "They're saying they think the ride was going in the wrong direction. I'm very glad about the investigation. I just don't want not one other child or no other human being to hurt on this ride."

Beverly says Desire will spend a few more days in rehab before coming home. Doctors are working right now to improve her memory.

But one thing she hasn't forgotten is her school. She wanted us to pass along a special hello to her friends at Tubman Middle School.