Woman steals cab, leads deputies on two-state chase

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November 13, 2006

A high-speed chase lands a man in the hospital and 24-year-old Gloria Locklear of Hephzibah in jail.

Now, investigators are asking what started it.

The chase started at the Georgia Avenue Circle K at 1:30 this morning.

From there, Locklear led officers all over parts of Aiken and Richmond counties.

The speeding cab, followed by a string of blue lights, finally came to a stop near Ruby Johnson's front yard.

"That's really scary! It's really scary," she told News 12.

It's scary because her house sits on narrow Railroad Avenue, barely big enough for even one car.

"It could be dangerous because they could hit the house or anything," she said "But thank God nothing happened."

The danger was real for 47-year-old Edward Barber. He says Gloria Locklear got into his cab when he stopped at Circle K and then took off.

Barber says he tried to reach into the taxi to stop the suspect, and she dragged him about 30 feet.

After that, Locklear led deputies up US-1 to Highway 421, turned onto SC-126, headed back to US-1, and ended in Richmond County on Railroad Avenue.

Detective Tim Thornton with North Augusta Public Safety says that car chase led Locklear's arrest...but the details about what happened between her and the man living at a motel across the street of the scene are yet to come.

"Her statement is a little different, and we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't look at what she said versus what he said," Detective Thornton told News 12.

Now, investigators want to know why she took off with a stolen cab.

Meanwhile, Ruby wants to know why the cab was tearing through her neighborhood.

"Who knows, I could be coming around, driving around the corner there, and then all the sudden there's a car speeding by," she said.

Investigators interviewed the victim today. We're still waiting on information about what caused the dispute in the first place...and about the nature of the relationship, if any, between him and the suspect. He is currently in fair condition.