Single father disappears on the job

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November 10, 2006

A wrecker driver for Don's Collision Center has disappeared, and family and friends want to know what happened.

26-year-old Jason Pinion, a hardworking single dad, went missing Tuesday (November 7), along with the huge $50,000 commercial vehicle he was last seen driving. (Update: The truck was found November 12 at a gas station off I-20 exit 39 in Leesburg, South Carolina.)

No one knows what happened to Pinion...and as the days add up, friends and family say they fear the worst.

"The longer it draws out, the more you start thinking something happened to him," coworker Michael Fowler told News 12.

Fowler is the last known person to have spoken to Pinion.

"He called me as I was finishing up a call and said he needed to take his little boy to the hospital because something was wrong with him, and he asked if I would cover for him for a little bit," Fowler said.

But Jason never picked his son up from daycare that Tuesday night, and Jason's family says there was nothing wrong with his son.

"I have no clue...he never showed up and no one has heard from him since," said Jason's father, Ronnie Pinion.

"Neither his mom or dad can get in touch with him," Jason's boss, Jeff Craven, told News 12. "His phone's been cut off. He's literally just vanished."

Pinion was last seen towing a vehicle at Fort Gordon around 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. His boss then dispatched him to another call around 4:30, but Pinion never arrived. Another hour and a half passed, and then he called work and asked Fowler to cover his night shift.

"He's worked for us for about two years, and this would be out of character for him," Craven said. "The fact that he took himself off call really doesn't make any sense."

Pinion's personal car is still parked at Don's Collision Center on Friday, his son's car seat strapped in the back...but Pinion is nowhere to be found.

"At this point you think the worst and hope for the best...but I just don't know what to think," Craven said.

Jason Lee Pinion has brown hair and blue eyes. He is 6' 2" and weighs about 200 pounds.