On Your Side: Home Delivery

November 9, 2006

When you're getting a new home, you want to make things happen as soon as possible.

Some people choose modular homes because they can be delivered and set up in a matter of weeks.

But when one couple's wait turned into months, they called 12 On Your Side.

A quiet country setting in Wagener, with even a few horses on the property. Wouldn't it be nice to live there?

That's exactly what Cindy and Howard Burgess planned. But what they never planned or expected was delay after delay.

Their story actually begins back in the spring. It was late April when they put down a $750 deposit with Horton Homes of Sumter.

They got a promise they'd be in their new home in June.

"On April 29 we ordered the house," Cindy told 12 On Your Side. "We were supposed to have it six weeks after that. Now, six months later, after a lot of hassles and one story after another, we still don't have the house."

Cindy says first the company told her the factory had not lived up to its end of the deal and she could have her deposit back. Then, she says, Horton Homes said the salesman had quoted her a price that was too low, before deciding to honor the contract as written.

Cindy says at one point Horton Homes tried to sell the home out from under them. She even sent a friend to see if it was true...

"So, the following day a friend of mine went down there and got a contract on the house with the serial number of our house on it...and she was told it could be delivered by the end of next week."

Cindy even has a copy of her friend's contract with those matching serial numbers.

Their dream of a house in the country seemed to be slipping away.

But when News 12 started making calls, things started getting better for Howard and Cindy.

And last we heard the house did arrive, in late October.

One of the questions we asked the people at Horton is if it's normal for the purchase of a manufactured home to take six months.

Steve Sinclair told us, "It's possible. Everybody's situation is different."

It took a while to make it happen...but we love a happy ending.