Burger King manager recognizes robber as former employee

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November 8, 2006

Officers are still looking for the second gunman who robbed a Burger King at gunpoint just after midnight.

18-year-old Jabarie Jones, a former employee of the restaurant, is behind bars after the manager recognized his voice.

One of the employees told us he was in the front of the restaurant and headed towards the back to get a mop bucket. Before he knew it, the gunman was ordering him to get into the freezer.

Just after midnight Wednesday morning, when the Burger King off Richland Avenue in Aiken had already shut its doors, employees got an order they weren't happy to serve.

Two masked men stormed through the back door and demanded money. The manager opened the safe and put the money in a blue book bag.

After she complied, they had one last demand.

"They asked them to go into the freezer," Capt. Wendell Hall of Aiken Public Safety told News 12.

But one employee said no.

The 56-year-old told us off-camera that he refused and tried to run out the side door for help.

Before he knew it, he says the gunman started stomping on him while the other pistol-whipped him in the face.

But it wasn't an easy getaway for the pair.

During the hold-up, the manager realized the voice of one of the gunmen sounded a little too familiar. That's because 18-year-old Jabarie Jones used to work for her just a few months ago.

After officers were able to obtain a warrant, Jones was later arrested at his home. His partner in crime is still on the loose.

Jones was booked in the Aiken County Detention Center.

Officers say they're still looking for possibly two other suspects that may have been involved.