Jefferson County man brings loaded gun to polls

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November 7, 2006

There was a scare today in Stapleton, Georgia, in Jefferson County, when a voter came to the polls armed.

55-year-old Phillip Tyner created quite a stir on Election Day, arriving at the polls with a loaded gun.

"He just kept yelling about the Republicans and started talking about President Bush," said poll worker Lamar Baxley.

In five minutes at the booth, Tyner did more ranting than voting...and when warned to stop, he threw his voter access card at the poll worker, hitting him in the head.

Tyner challenged Baxley to come outside, and that's when he pulled the gun, loaded with five bullets.

"We can't have stuff like that," Baxley said. "It's not tolerated."

Phillip Tyner faces charges of simple assault and having a deadly weapon at a public gathering. Both are misdemeanors.