Drive-by shooting scares Jennings Place families

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November 6, 2006

Two Augusta families got the scare of their lives as bullets came whizzing past them in a drive-by shooting in broad daylight.

It happened at Jennings Place public housing on the 1800 block of Cooney Circle around 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon.

That's the same area where there were three other shootings back in July and August.

The shooting happened in an area where neighbors say children often play...and it's a wonder nobody was hurt in the crossfire. Those neighbors say they shouldn't have to live like this.

The bullets that came through Valarie's living room window ended up in her hall closet, which is now riddled with holes.

Valarie was sitting in a chair about to head out the door when the bullets came flying through the window. If she had stood up any sooner, those bullets could've been just inches from her head.

"I thought it was fireworks," she told News 12. "Then I heard the window shatter, and my daughter screaming, 'They shooting! They shooting!'"

Before she could think, she says she hit the floor to take cover and was too scared to move.

Her 4-year-old grandson was sitting on the couch right next to her. Luckily, she says, her daughter was able to grab him.

"They kept shooting, so while I was on the floor--because my door was open I didn't know if they were coming in the house or what--so I slid my hand and slammed my door."

Her neighbor's car was also caught in the line of fire.

Investigators say they found 15 spent rounds in the area, indicating the drive-by involved multiple shooters.

Investigators don't have any suspects yet, but they say they're following up on a few leads and they're confident they'll find the shooters.