Local wrecking company says Augusta wasting taxpayer money

November 3, 2006

A local wrecking company says the city of Augusta is wasting your money.

Hiram Thompson, the owner of Thompson Wrecking Company, says his company was the low bidder on a contract to demolish the old candy factory on Telfair Street. Thompson says the Commission awarded the contract to another company because Thompson left out a technicality in the bond portion of their proposal.

Thompson says the other company, J&D Construction, is charging $250,000 more to do the job.

"If this job is awarded, the citizens of Richmond County are being jilted by the elected officials of Richmond County," said owner Hiram Thompson.

Last month, a judge ruled Thompson's mistake could be waived by the commission and the contract could be re-bid.

The commission is set to take up this matter at its meeting next Thursday.