News 12 This Morning Local Update - November 2, 2006

13-year-old's grandmother says she did not panic

She's showing signs of improvement after being thrown sixty feet in the air off a fair ride.

The community gathered outside Augusta's law enforcement center to pray for 13-year-old Desire Northington's recovery Wednesday.

She remains in critical condition at MCG after falling off a fair ride called the Orbiter last week at the Georgia-Carolina State Fair.

Family members say Desire is more alert now and responding by blinking her eyes.

The ride report released by the Georgia Department of Labor shows she panicked and the ride wasn't at fault, but Desire's grandmother, Beverly Biddings, believes the investigation is flawed.

"I guess, if they will, we'll ask for another investigation," Biddings said. "Because we feel like that investigation was not fair or not correct at all. Because she did not panic on that ride. She had rode the ride twice before. She had unlimited tickets. She loved the ride. It was just a simple accident. It wasn't a mechanical problem."

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference of the CSRA, a civil rights organization, held the vigil to promote unity during Desire's recovery.

Domestic dispute results in suicide on I-20

A domestic dispute unfolds into a crime scene along I-20.

Traffic came to a major slowdown at the South Carolina/Georgia state line Wednesday morning, where officers say 27-year-old Martinez Curry shot himself and his wife.

Investigators say the couple was in a heated argument when they pulled off the road.

That's where Curry shot himself and at the same time unintentionally shot his wife in the leg in front of their 15-month-old baby.

The Aiken County Sheriff's Office had no record of any prior domestic disputes.

Curry was pronounced dead on the scene. His wife was taken to MCG.

More flu shots

In Columbia County, there's another opportunity to get your flu shot today.

The health department will be giving out the shots from 3 to 6 p.m.

They'll be set up at the Evans High School auditorium.

The cost is $20.

St. Joseph officially sold

It's official. St. Joseph Hospital has a new owner.

Doctors at the hospital and Triad Hospitals, Inc. purchased the struggling medical facility.

The deal was approved by both the attorney general and the Vatican.

With the sale will come a new name, but there's no word on what that new name might be.

A news release says the physicians will have the majority say on the hospital's board and that the company is there to provide support.

Columbia County Fair

In Columbia County there's another fair on the way.

Today, the Merchants Association of Columbia County is holding their ribbon-cutting for its 41st annual fair.

The fair runs through November 11.

One of the highlights this year will be the Apollo Night on Monday. Plus, the human cannonball is back.

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