Update: Victims identified in double murder in south Augusta

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May 20, 2009

AUGUSTA, Ga.-- Richmond County Investigators tell News 12, two people are dead in what they believe is a double murder at Glenwood II Apartments on Lumpkin road. That's off Deans Bridge Road in south Augusta.

The victims have been identified as Rodney Crane, 27 years old of Augusta and Jesse Haynes, 42 years old, also from Augusta. The coroner says both were stabbed multiple times.

Investigators say 52-year old Joshua Ferguson is the man responsible. He is a convicted felon on parole for Voluntary Manslaughter dating back to a 1984 court case in Richmond County.

Investigators tell News 12, around 3:00 a.m., a family came home and found two people dead in a downstairs apartment. Deputies saw a trail of blood from the apartment to an apartment upstairs. They say Ferguson was hiding in the upstairs apartment. When deputies knocked, he answered, then slammed the door. The SWAT team was then called in, and after some negotiation Ferguson was taken into custody. Deputies then took Ferguson to the hospital to treat some cuts on his hand and later transported to the jail.

Richmond County deputies evacuated the apartment building where the suspect was hiding. Residents of the other apartments in the complex were told to stay inside.

"It's not safe nowhere, no more. " A man who identified himself as Darrell lives in an apartment that backs up to the unit where the men's bodies were found. "When I walked through the door, it was just like someone bamming up against the walls and there you hear somebody arguing and it lasted for like a good five minutes and then it stopped."

Darrell one of many neighbors who want to know why Ferguson was allowed to live there, in the first place. Ferguson served five years of a ten year sentence for voluntary manslaughter, then in 1994, convicted again, on two counts of burglary. Ferguson was sentenced to 20 years in jail, he served just 13; allowed back into society to move a few doors down from Darrell, and even closer to where the two murders happened.

"It makes me real nervous,." adds Darrell. " I understand you can have protection in your home, I don't know what to do now."

We did try to contact the Glenwood Apartment complex to see if they do any kind of background checks on their residents, but our message was not returned

Investigators say they still have no motive for the double homicide. They aren't even sure how well the suspect knew the two victims.

As for the 1984 case, it's in storage, so investigators aren't sure who the victim was or the circumstances surrounding the killing at this time.

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