Only on 12: $600,000 Laney Walker project on fast track

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, May 18 2009

AUGUSTA,Ga.---It has been called underdeveloped and in general economic distress. Housing and Urban Development is preparing to pump thousands into the Laney Walker community.

We got our hands on the 15 page action plan. Scylance Scott works each day to get others back to work.

"The more classes we have the more we hear," said Scott who is with Antioch Ministries. "If I could just get these computer skills then that may make me job ready."

He is getting some help from the federal government. $400,000.

"We're constructing this building right at the corner of Laney Walker Boulevard and Blount Avenue," said Scott.

He is talking about a 5,000 sq.ft community development center.

"Once we've received that we'll get the permits and we're ready to go with this project," said Scott. "It's done by October of this year."

The center tackles the neighborhoods more than 13 percent unemployment rate with job training, low cost space for small businesses, and computer labs.

"The current facility at the current time only seats 16," said Scott. "The new building will allow us to have a capacity of 50 computers at one time."

Every little bit helps. 80 percent of people in Laney Walker report a low to moderate income.

"We have people who want to work," said Scott. "All they need is just that little helping hand."

The project is expected to create 57 full time jobs. You can submit written comments to the Augusta Housing and Community Development Department on Laney Walker Boulevard.

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