John Barrow campaigns in Augusta

October 30, 2006

Max Burns' opponent, Congressman John Barrow, was at Augusta's Municipal Building today, pushing people to vote.

Barrow said voters should "look at who's backing Burns."

"My opponent is running as hard as he can on the President's coattails, the vice president's coattails, Denny Hastert's coattails, Tom DeLay's coattails, Duke Cunningham's coattails," Barrow said.

"I am not running on anybody's coattails...and quite frankly, there's not anybody's coattails I am interested in running on. What I am interesting in doing is running on my own record, and I invite folks to check the record. Look who's been voting for the district and who's been voting for the team they play on."

He also tried to distance himself from Washington and play up voting across party lines.

Barrow says people voted for change when they chose him over Max Burns two years ago, and he says change is still needed.

Barrow joined a number of local Democrats urging people to get out and vote early. Some supporters entered the Municipal Building and voted after the rally.