Teen makes difference through "Spooky" food drive

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October 28, 2006

Halloween is more than just costumes and candy. It's also time for the It's Spooky to Be Hungry food drive.

Thousands all over Georgia and South Carolina spent their day collecting donations for the hungry.

News 12 followed one North Augusta teen who's really making a difference.

Kristin Dollar has collected food for Spooky since she was eight years old. Now, eight years later, she's already a block captain, and she and her friends are well on their way to making a big difference.

"We are just going around collecting everything, food, money, just anything people are willing to give," Elizabeth Brown told us. Elizabeth is one of many volunteers 16-year-old Kristin recruited to help with the food drive.

"I've seen firsthand that there are hungry people in Augusta, and I feel it's my responsibility to help them," Kristin said. "I've even seen a grandparent come in with his four-year-old grandson and they didn't have anything. They were in a desperate situation and it really made me want to help."

And every year she does help. This year she's even the main coordinator for her area

Her job is paying off.

On average, each Spooky to Be Hungry volunteer will collect enough food to feed one person for a month...and these five volunteers have enough to feed five hungry people for thirty days.

Every dollar donated equals $7 worth of food from the Golden Harvest Food Bank.

It's a lot of work...but these teens say it's time well spent.

"I feel much happier seeing I helped someone rather than getting an A or going on a shopping spree," Elizabeth said. "The feeling that you helped someone is really empowering."

The It's Spooky to Be Hungry food drive is in its twelfth year, and it is the largest food drive in our region.

Kristin's ten neighborhoods collected over 2200 pounds of food and over $1200 in donations.