New details in motive of Grovetown murder

mugshots of Rebecca Sears and Christopher Bowers
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News 12 at 11 o'clock, May 15, 2009

GROVETOWN, Ga.---Rebecca Sears and her son Christopher Bowers are charged with two counts of murder in the beating death of her neighbor, Kay Parsons.

News 12 has obtained new documents where investigators say the motive for the killing was an alleged affair between Parsons' husband and Rebecca Sears and that's not the only new detail.

Earlier this week both Sears and Bowers were in court where they pleaded not guilty and now new documents suggest Sears had allegedly been trying to have Parsons killed for some time.

Rebecca Sears is described as the alleged mastermind behind the brutal murder of her next door neighbor and coworker, Kay Parsons.

Prosecutors say Sears' son, Christopher Bowers-- who just celebrated his 20th birthday behind bars-- actually did the beating.

Parsons was found bloody and unconscious in her Grovetown home in late March. She later died at the hospital. Investigators also say Parsons' jewelry was removed from her body.

In this signed police affidavit investigators say several people told them of an alleged romantic relationship going on between Sears and David Parsons, the victim's husband.

A confidential informant even alleged's "on more than one occasion Mrs. Sears asked him to kill Mrs. Parsons."

"They have always maintained their innocence and they're just extremely upset about being in these circumstances," says Bowers' defense attorney Jacque Hawk.

Earlier this week the mother and son each pleaded not guilty to charges of burglary, armed robbery, malice murder and felony murder. They exchanged glances and even blew kisses to one another.

In the affidavit, investigators describe an interview with Rebecca Sears two days after the murder. In it she says her son broke into the Parsons' home, waited for her to return and then told her he "beat the **** out of her."

She said her son "beat her with the hammer and then the baseball bat." And "he had blood on his face and he said he took care of everything."

According to the search warrant, investigators took clothes and a taser from Bowers' home in Martinez.

"We're looking for every piece of film, every document, every witness, every person we can find that will show exactly where our clients were during the time of the alleged murder," says Jacque Hawk.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for both Bowers and Sears, making this the fight of both of their lives.

Columbia County deputies also say Sears came to the hospital the day of the attack playing the part of a concerned neighbor, demanding to know Parsons' condition.

Investigators have said they do not expect any more arrests will be made in this case.

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