Quality of life, cost of living made Augusta prime choice for ADP

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October 27, 2006

A company that makes billions of dollars a year is now bringing a slice of that to Augusta, to the tune of one thousand new jobs to help you and your neighbors.

They're saying it's one of the biggest business announcements ever for the city.

A thousand new jobs and $30 million are all headed to Augusta.

That's the promise from ADP, a data processing company.

News 12's Jonathan Martin was at today's announcement, where people could barely contain the excitement.

Walter Sprouse, Jr., director of Augusta's Development Authority, described this job announcement as being like making a hole in one in sudden death to win the Masters.

And while you can make your own analogy, this is certainly a big deal for the city.

"One thousand jobs...woo!" said Gov. Sonny Perdue.

"This is probably one of the greatest days in the economic development history of Augusta," Sprouse said.

ADP, an international data processing corporation, will invest $30 million for a business solutions center in Augusta, bringing at least one thousand new jobs to the area.

"What does one thousand jobs mean in Augusta?" asked Gov. Perdue. "You know what it means to me? I'm in the grandparent stage of life. It means that my children or grandchildren may not--if I lived here--may not have to leave the Augusta area to find a good job. That's getting personal, you know."

And it shouldn't take long for us to see these jobs come. ADP plans on opening the doors at a temporary site off Wheeler Road in March, while constructing a main facility somewhere else in the area.

This deal was months in the making, and once it was a done deal, Mayor Copenhaver had a tough time keeping quiet.

"It was difficult," he said. "I'll tell you, I felt like a kid on Christmas when I found out we had the deal signed about three weeks ago."

ADP senior vice president Steve Penrose says Augusta was in the running with other cities, but the quality of life, low cost of living, and the fact that there are no hurricanes here made it a perfect choice.

"We really do believe we can be the employer of choice here in town, which will give a better retention, better service," he said.

The development authority and Mayor Deke Copenhaver are being credited with really making this happen. The mayor took several trips to New Jersey to meet with ADP leaders.

So what exactly is ADP?

The initials stand for Automatic Data Processing.

They deal mostly with how you get paid, providing workplaces with systems for payroll, benefits, 401K, even employment screening.

In fact, their website says they're involved in paying one of every six employees in private business.

The company is located in 26 countries, and they're number 271 on the Fortune 500 list for 2006, raking in $8.5 billion in revenue in 2005.

ADP is ranked number one for payroll services.

But how's the pay?

Penrose told us today that the Augusta jobs will average mid $20's to $60,000 a year.

"We believe that our pay and our rate of pay will certainly be at the higher end of the local market for those kind of services, and we're working with the local community to make sure that we establish the right rates of pay," he said.

The company has its headquarters in New Jersey, but their national account services headquarters is in Alpharetta, Georgia.

They say they'll employ 4,000 people in the Peach State when they add those jobs in Augusta.

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