Dumb and Dangerous Driving - October 26, 2006

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When the light turns red, you're supposed to stop.

It sounds simple...but some drivers say following the rules isn't always that easy. We went to Aiken to demonstrate.

Sometimes you're allowed to turn left or drive straight through a red light. Other times you're not. Whether drivers find the rules confusing or they're just in a hurry, people aren't stopping when they're supposed to.

Some signs say you can turn on red if the coast is clear, but don't say anything about going straight. But some drivers think you can go straight too.

Janet Robinson says the problem is so bad people honk if she doesn't run the light.

"People need to get into anger management," she said. "They just don't understand why I'm just sitting there. They think I'm supposed to go through the light."

One driver we saw flew right over the stop line, an illegal move. In this case, it was against the law...but in Aiken, there are exceptions.

The rules can get confusing, so we're going to break it down.

If you're turning through the circle, you can turn left and go straight on red. If you're not turning, you're supposed to stop.

We saw plenty of drivers breaking the rules.

The rules in the square intersection are almost the same. You can turn left on red, but you can never drive straight.

But people do it anyway.

George Kinard says it's easy to get mixed up.

"These signs are confusing, because it really don't tell them. Because if you want to go around the block, you just keep going in a circle."

Sergeant Ben Harm says the confusion happens because intersections like these are not common.

"If you go through a red light, the other side has a green light...and you can't both occupy the same space at the same time, so we end up with traffic collisions," he says.

"It scares me that someone would want to run a red light, because if they're in an accident, what will happen to them?" Janet said.

Remember, even if you find the rules confusing, officers can still write you a ticket. If you have questions, the Aiken Department of Public Safety has this information which outlines everything.

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