On Your Side: Mail Order Mistake

October 26, 2006

It's frustrating when you get a bill for something you know you didn't order.

John Kustich knew something was wrong when he started receiving products and bills from mail order company 7th Avenue.

"We didn't even open up the box," he said.

The company was convinced John's wife Mary had ordered nearly $500 worth of products.

The trouble, as we explained to the company, is that John's wife, Mary Kustic, is dead.

The mail order company responded with this letter saying basically "Sorry she's dead. Now we're going to probate the will."

News 12 was finally able to explain all this to someone in 7th Avenue's loss prevention department. End of story? No way.

7th Avenue then told 12 On Your Side that it was actually John's daughter, "Carrie Perry", who placed the orders.

"I don't have a daughter named Carrie Perry," John said. "My daughter is Susan Kustic."

When 7th Avenue heard that, they decided something we suspected all along: John was the victim of identity theft. Now he just needs to fill out an affidavit, and 7th Avenue will take care of the charges.

Just so you know, 7th Avenue is part of Swiss Colony, Inc.

We checked, and that company has 388 complaints with the Better Business Bureau in the past 36 months.