Mother and son plead not guilty in neighbor's murder

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News 12 First at Five, May 13, 2009

EVANS, Ga.---The arraignment was a formal reading of the charges against 20-year old Christopher Bowers and his mother Rebecca Sears.

Both are charged with burglary, armed robbery, and two counts of murder in the death of her neighbor, Kay Parsons. They are each facing the death penalty if convicted.

The mother and son duo were shackled and cuffed until they stepped out into the courtroom. There they pleaded not guilty, while they fought back tears.

Prosecutors say Rebecca Sears and her 20-year-old son Christopher Bowers are responsible for the murder of 41-year-old Kay Parsons. They are also charged with armed robbery and burglary.

Investigators believe Bowers actually beat Parsons with a claw hammer but call Sears the mastermind behind the attack. The state is seeking the death penalty for both mother and son in this case.

In court they both plead not guilty to the charges that could lead to a lethal injection if convicted.

"They're just upset. They're upset that they're even locked up, so you can imagine how much more upset they are then when they found out the death penalty's being sought," says Christopher Bowers' attorney Jacque Hawk.

The mother and son each blew kisses at each other and Bowers was seen saying "I love you. Keep your head up" to his mother.

Now that the two have been arraigned, attorneys can keep building their defense. District Attorney Ashley Wright requested written alibi's from each attorney representing Bowers and Sears.

The defense attorneys say they do plan on asking the judge for bond again once more of the state's evidence is out there.

The next court appearance will be a pre-trial hearing set for July 7th.

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