District 120 Candidate Profiles: Quincy Murphy and Helen Blocker-Adams

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October 24, 2006

Along with electing a mayor, in two weeks, Augusta voters will decide who will go to the state house in Atlanta.

News 12 is On Your Side with a close look at the two candidates looking to represent Augusta in District 120.

Quincy Murphy and Helen Blocker-Adams have a lot in common when it comes to issues they want to address...but perhaps it's the way they want to tackle them that will decide this race.

"I have the skills, I have the communication skills, I have the contacts, I have the resources, I have the independent thinking that helps me be able to work on both sides of the aisle," Blocker-Adams said.

"We have no hidden agenda. What I'm interested in doing is leading the growth and development of Augusta-Richmond County," Murphy said.

State lawmaker races typically pit Republican against Democrat...but for the first time in Augusta, a Democrat will face an Independent: Blocker-Adams.

"It gives me the opportunity to work on both sides of the aisle," Blocker-Adams said of her choice to run Independent. "Right now Augusta-Richmond County needs someone who can work with Republicans and Democrats, who not only can unify the parties together, but the people together."

But the incumbent Murphy says his four years of experience representing District 120 mean more.

"We've been here. We've steadfastly stood, dealt with the issues that affected the complete community," he said.

One issue both candidates agree is a problem in south Augusta is gang violence...and they have differing ideas for a solution.

"If people are working, they're not going to be out there in gangs and getting into trouble, so that's why jobs is so key," Blocker-Adams said.

"Amend the SPLOST statute so that Public Safety can be included as an expenditure," Murphy said.

As the race draws near, Murphy tells News 12 he'll continue to focus on his message of safety and schools. Meanwhile, Blocker-Adams says hers is one of jobs and healthcare.

Here is some other information about the candidates.

Quincy Murphy is a real estate agent. He's chairman of the Richmond County Legislative Delegation and chairman of Augusta's Communities in Schools program.

And Helen Blocker-Adams is an economic development practitioner. She ran for Augusta mayor last year, and founded South Augusta Business at Breakfast, a monthly business networking group with over 75 members.

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