No flu shot shortage, but many say they can't wait

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October 24, 2006

There was a wait before the doors even opened today for flu shots at Grovetown city hall.

There's no shortage, but no one is taking a chance when it comes to flu shots.

So with plenty available, we'll tell you why you'll still have to wait if you want to be protected this season.

When nurses arrived this morning to give flu shots at the Grovetown City Hall, there were already people waiting at the door.

While health departments don't think there will be a shortage this year, once they run out, it takes time to get another batch in.

Some people say they can't risk waiting any longer.

"I said, 'Oh no.'"

That was Patty Smith's reaction when she saw the number of people waiting for flu shots in the Grovetown City Council chamber.

"It looks like we will run out," said Nurse Billie Bertrand.

It's on a first come first serve basis.

"We've got people standing up against the wall in the back, and they continue to come in," said Nurse Jonell Davis.

Nancy Whitaker was the first in line. She arrived at 10 o'clock for a flu clinic that began at noon.

She's a diabetic and didn't want to chance not getting the shot.

"Today I was hoping not to be on a waiting list," she told News 12.

There are only 250 doses of the flu shot in Grovetown, and they expect to run out. It could be weeks before more arrive.

"We keep telling them we will get more, but they are coming in little batches," Nurse Davis said.

But for people like Patty Smith, who has no immune system and relies on oxygen full time, waiting was not an option.

The health department says don't panic if they run out. They're expecting another shipment.

But that could take a couple of weeks.

Make sure when you go to get your flu shot to remember your Medicaid, Medicare Part B, or CMO cards.

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