Burglar cuts holes in business roofs

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October 16, 2006

Augusta investigators are looking for leads today in an unusual burglary.

Two businesses were found with holes cut in the roof.

It appears the burglar used a pick axe tool to cut a hole in the roofs, then dropped down through the ceiling.

It happened at two neighboring businesses in the Cherokee Shopping Plaza off Deans Bridge Road early Sunday morning.

The deputy responded first to the Ace Cash Express around 6 a.m. and found the burglar had cut a hole in the back office area and caused heavy damage to the ceiling tiles and duct work.

The unconventional burglar got away with nothing but an empty cash box.

The ceiling burglar struck again right next door at the Clean Cuts barber shop. This time the suspect may have left some evidence behind for investigators.

A footprint was found on the windowsill, presumably left as the burglar was leaving.

Nothing was reported missing at the barber shop.

Investigators say they don't have any leads in the case so far.

This isn't your average burglary. Investigators say they do see people use the roof to get in from time to time, but it hasn't happened in a while.