Two pedestrians hit, killed by SUV

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October 15, 2006

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is still investigating the death of two pedestrians last night.

38-year-old Pedro Turcios and 52-year-old Adriana Valle, both of New Ellenton and originally Honduras, were struck and killed along Highway 19 South at Partridge Bend Road.

It was a scary Saturday for everyone - including those living nearby.

News 12 obtained exclusive video from a neighbor, Kathy Young.

She tells us what she saw from her front yard will stick in her mind forever.

"The man's body probably wasn't 100 feet from my front door," Kathy said. "We went out there and there were people in the road."

But there was nothing Kathy or the police could do to help Valle or Turcios. They died instantly after being struck by an SUV.

Kathy says the driver was hysterical.

"He was calling someone, telling them he had hit someone--he was terrified and upset. For lack of a better term, his nerves were shot."

And investigators were out all night collecting evidence.

"It took a long time, and if that had been my loved ones out there laying on the ground, I'm sure I would have had a problem with it...taking so long to get them up," Kathy said.

"Somebody's family is heartbroken, because their relative got hit out there. I hit an animal and I go to pieces...I can't imagine hitting a human being."

Kathy says she and her family will never forget what they saw at their front doorstep.

"You take a look at what you have and what somebody else may not have now, kind of makes you realize how lucky you really are."

Keon Frazier of Allendale was driving the '99 Oldsmobile Bravado that struck and killed the two victims.

He was not believed to have been speeding.

Highway Patrol is still investigating, and no charges have been filed.