Laney's first real Homecoming

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October 13, 2006

Tonight, Lucy Craft Laney High School plays host to their first real home game.

Finally, they have a true home field advantage.

Lucy Laney High School has been without a stadium for more than 40 years, but tonight they have one to call their own.

It's a sold-out crowd as the Wildcats play for the first time in their brand new multi-million dollar stadium.

"We were the only ones who didn't have a stadium," said Laney grad Marcus Hurst, class of 2001. "This here is a big blast for Laney."

The new stadium seats over 9000 and took about three years to build.

Perhaps no one is more pumped than school superintendent Dr. Charles Larke. One of his goals before retirement was finishing this field.

"This is very, very special to me," he said.

It's special to lots of folks. Tickets sold like hotcakes.

It's definitely special for former Laney football players who remember having to travel for every game.

"We played over at Walker Field. Rocks," laughed Laney alum Charles Lowry. "You had to throw rocks at the field to play football."

This game is a sign that good things come to those who wait...even if it that wait is 40 years long.