On Your Side: Cementing a Deal?

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October 12, 2006

It was work one woman paid for, but never got done.

She thought she had a pretty concrete deal, but she had to turn to 12 On Your Side to get the job rolling.

Brenda Jones was trying to get some work done in Aiken when she was living in Indianapolis.

"We contracted Troy Walters to pour us a concrete pad because we were putting up a steel building here," she told News 12. "They said they'd take care of it."

Brenda says a neighbor recommended Walters for the job.

"Troy told us he worked for CSRA Finishers," she said. "He handed me his card, a receipt, and I gave him a check for $2,000..half the contracted price."

Brenda said that was May 24th, but says she had delay after delay in getting the work done.

"I came in August, and I said, 'I'm trying to get in touch with you,' and they said 'We'll be right over there'...and they didn't show up right over here."

She says Walters did show up to dig a hole months later, but time was running out, because the steel building was arriving the next day.

That's when Brenda told Walters she had had enough.

"I was left in the air. You got my check, you can't do anything. I told him I'm going to the police."

But it wasn't until Brenda called 12 On Your Side that she says she got results.

"Miraculously, after I spoke with you, who shows up today?" she said. "They showed up with two trailers to finish the job. They said, 'Sorry, we just got busy.'"

That's what Troy Walters' brother Stanley told News 12 the day he showed up to finish the job.

"When we started to do this, we was doing it between jobs, and it took longer than it should have," he said. "We're sorry about that. We're doing it now. We'll have the pad in by Friday."

"I really appreciate the help with my situation," Brenda told News 12.

This morning, when News 12 cameras weren't there, neither were the workers.

So Brenda says they job isn't done yet...but we'll keep checking with her until it is.