Murphey Middle teacher allegedly harasses state trooper

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October 12, 2006

A Richmond County teacher is out on bond today after allegedly harassing a Georgia State trooper.

The Richmond County School Board's office says they had no idea one of their own had been arrested for a DUI until they picked up today's paper.

After 40-year-old Murphey Middle School teacher Reginald Davis was arrested on Tuesday for driving under the influence, he apparently decided to take matters into his own hands.

"One of our employees had an incident with a trooper," said James Thompson, deputy superintendent of schools for Richmond County.

According to the incident report, Davis made several threatening phone calls to Georgia State Trooper Amelio Lamkin at 3:30 Wednesday morning, saying things like, "Where do you want your kids' records transferred to?"

Davis allegedly got the trooper's home phone number from his wife's office, who is also the trooper's family pediatrician.

That is a major privacy violation. Under the HIPAA privacy law, most healthcare providers are required to obtain a patient's written consent before using or disclosing the patient's personal health information.

Thompson says he's not aware of any prior trouble with the teacher.

"We don't know of any information," he said. "If there are any prior instances, that information should come out this afternoon in our meeting."

After the arrest, the deputy superintendent says it's now up the Professional Standards Commission to determine if and how the teacher will be punished.

Calls to both the trooper and the teacher have not been returned.

The school will discuss the matter in today's weekly personnel meeting.

News 12 asked Deputy Superintendent Thompson whether Davis had been back to school since his DUI arrest, but Thompson didn't know. News 12 has learned Davis was not at school today.