Few remains in mayoral race

October 12, 2006

Ronnie Few gets another victory in the battle to stay on ballot.

Late this afternoon, Chief Judge William Fleming decided that Ronnie Few is eligible to run for mayor of Augusta.

It's the same decision made by the Board of Elections. Activist Woody Merry challenged that decision in superior court.

It all started when it was discovered Ronnie Few signed a document for a tax break in Columbia County, saying he lived there.

Ronnie Few said he just continues to focus on the campaign.

"Great news," he said after the judge's decision. "We're happy about the outcome. Just want to thank the election board, as well as the judge. We're on our way to continuing to run for the mayor's seat."

Merry could decide to appeal this decision as well.

His office says he's discussing the next step with his attorneys.