New clothing store brings business back to struggling plaza

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October 11, 2006

It's a plaza that was struggling to survive.

With only a few stores left, Edgefield Square was starting to look like a ghost town.

But a new store is in town, and it's bringing a lot of business for itself and others in the plaza.

The majority of Edgefield Square has been just about empty for a couple of years, but a new store called Steve and Barry's magnet is hoping to bring customers back.

"It really won't surprise me if more retailers wouldn't mind coming to this area because of Steve and Barry's," says store director Riddick Martin.

Subway owner James Major says before Steve and Barry's, his business was struggling with sales.

"I've been here two years, and sales were primarily down," he said.

But cash registers are ringing again.

The collegiate apparel discount store markets items for $7.98 or less, meaning bags of savings for customers.

The opening of Steve and Barry's is already bringing carloads of customers in, and neighboring business hope they will trickle into their stores.

"Hopefully they will grow, we'll grow," Major said.