News 12 This Morning Local Update - October 12, 2006

Mother and child die in accident on Mike Padgett Highway

An Augusta family is mourning the death of a mother and her toddler on a busy Augusta highway.

It happened around 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, when Julie George rammed her minivan into the back of an 18 wheeler parked off Mike Padgett Highway.

Deputies say George drifted over in the same lane the truck was parked in.

An Ohio USA truck driver is being charged with three separate counts, including two counts of vehicular homicide. A Richmond County deputy says the truck driver was at fault because his truck should not have been parked in the side lane. But other witnesses say George should have noticed the truck.

"They shouldn't have been all the way over in the other lane," said witness Bobby Fiveash. "The truck was parked there, they should have seen it."

"You shouldn't pull over for any old thing. Short of an emergency, you should keep on going," said Troy Barclay, another USA truck driver.

A relative tells News 12 that 3-year-old Brianna George was killed the accident.

Brianna's twin brother Barton is still at MCG with his father and grandparents.

Brianna and her mother Julie George died on the scene.

Red Cross assists families who lost homes in fire

The Red Cross continues to help some local Augusta families displaced from yesterday's early morning apartment fire.

Eight homes were destroyed yesterday at the Charlestown South apartments in south Augusta.

The Red Cross gave the families in need debit cards helping them pay for food, clothes, and a place to stay.

Firefighters say parts of the building are completely destroyed, which means some families will have to find a new place to live.

"We help get through the first few days of a disaster...when you're really up in the air, not sure what to do, where to go," said Kim Heins of the Red Cross.

"When he banged on it--and I mean he was banging!--he said, 'Get some clothes on and get out of here!'" said Mary Booth, who was evacuated during the fire.

Investigators are still working to find out what exactly caused the blaze.

They say several of the families did not have renters insurance.

Few ruling could come tomorrow

A ruling won't be made until tomorrow in the case over Ronnie Few's residency.

Community activist Woody Merry took his appeal to the superior court yesterday.

The Board of Elections decided two weeks ago few could stay in the race for Augusta mayor even though he filed for homestead exemption in Columbia County.

Merry's attorney argued since the Board of Elections cannot subpoena evidence, they were not able to present critical information.

Merry's attorney is asking the judge to disqualify Few or grant a new hearing before the Board.

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