Unknown if man shot had anything to do with drug deal

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Deputies say a drug deal turned deadly in Allendale last night.

Now two men are behind bars: William Rouse on drug charges, and Bud Roley suspected of the murder of Anthony Parker.

Police went to Fleetwood's convenience store on Main Street in Allendale last night around 7 o'clock.

Deputies say Parker walked behind the store as his friend, Rouse, was trying to sell drugs to suspected buyer, Roley.

Now Parker's family is planning his funeral.

Deputies say it all started when Willie Rouse took a stick of deodorant, crushed it up, and tried to sell it as crack cocaine.

Then they say Rouse took off as the buyer got mad.

That is when deputies say Roley shot Parker to death

"It was devastating," said Parker's sister, Charlene Fullington. "I don't know why it happened. I don't know how. I just want answers. And I really want to know why."

Deputies are looking into what, if any, connection Parker had to the drug deal.

Rouse could face drug charges, and Roley could be charged with murder.

Last night's shooting was in the same parking lot where an officer shot a man during a traffic stop in August.

The family in that case says the officer used unnecessary force.

The police department said the officer felt threatened.