Candidates explain why they should be next mayor

October 10, 2006

Last night, the four candidates for Augusta mayor were out talking with voters about what they plan to do if they win November's election.

Ronnie Few, Steve Kendrick, Deke Copenhaver, and Gil Gilyard were at Savannah River College.

We asked them to tell us why they should be the next mayor of Augusta.

"Because I'm the best candidate for the job, and Augusta needs to change and someone who had the courage but the passion for the people, and that's Ron Few," Few said. "So a vote for Few is a vote for you."

"I feel like I present the best opportunity for hope for our citizens, and I'm going to lead us on the right path to becoming a world-class city," Kendrick said.

"I've gotten a lot done n the past year," said Copenhaver. "I've brought in jobs and helped to heal the racial divide for unity. I've broken five ties on the commission, and I've gotten a lot of results in the short period of time. But I need four more years to get the job done."

"I'm the most qualified candidate," said Gilyard. "I have the most experience, most work related experience, military, government, private enterprise experience. I'll match any experience with any candidate, including our incumbent mayor."