Allendale man shot and killed in drug deal gone bad

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October 10, 2006

A Columbia man is in custody, suspected of committing a murder in Allendale. Bud Rolie will be charged in connection to the shooting death of Anthony Parker.

Officers tell News 12 Parker was shot around 7 o'clock last night at the Fleetwood sports shop in Allendale.

The shooting resulted from a drug deal gone bad. Police say William James Rouse, accompanied by Parker, attempted to sell deodorant shavings to Rolie, claiming the shavings were crack cocaine. Rouse was also arrested.

SLED investigators and the Allendale police were out processing the crime scene late into the night.

When EMS arrived, they found that Parker, a black male in his 30s, had been shot once by a semi-automatic handgun. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

The incident occurred in the exact same location where Michael Moore, also from Allendale, was shot and killed by an Allendale police officer.