News 12 This Morning Local Update - October 10, 2006

Columbia man arrested in Allendale shooting death

There has been another killing in less than a month in the small town of Allendale.

Anthony Parker was found dead behind the Fleetwood sports shop around 7 o'clock last night.

S.L.E.D. investigators and Allendale police officers were out late last night processing the crime scene.

The shooting happened in the same location where Michael Moore was shot and killed by an Allendale police officer in August.

Bud Rolie of Columbia has been arrested and will be charged in connection to the shooting.

Driver flees SC Highway Patrol after routine traffic stop

In Aiken, a routine traffic stop turns into a chase for police.

A South Carolina Highway Patrol officer stopped a driver at Storm Branch Road and Lanier Road last night.

Dispatchers say the patrol officer did spray the driver with Mace, but he still managed to get away.

Clerk survives horrific ordeal with armed robber

An armed robber makes off with beer, cigarettes and money orders after terrorizing a young cashier.

A's Package Store on Gordon Highway was held up Sunday afternoon around 12:30, and it was all caught on tape.

The suspect terrorizes the clerk for about 15 minutes, then steals cash and money orders and finally locks her in the bathroom.

After he left, a customer came into the store and heard the young woman crying.

"And he walks me to the back of the store. And tells me, 'If you come out here I'm going to blow your head off. I'm getting Newports and beer.' And I just stayed in the bathroom and cried," the victim told News 12 in an exclusive interview.

The gunman is still on the run.

If you recognize him, contact the sheriff's department.

North Augusta home damaged by fire

Fire caused damage to a North Augusta home but left it still standing.

Fire crews were called out to 19-42 Bolin Court yesterday evening. There weren't any real flames, but thick smoke.

An officer on the scene told us the fire started in the kitchen and then spread to the attic.

It didn't take long for Public Safety crews to put it out.

No one was injured.

Commissioners seek outside help to deal with dilapidated buildings

Overgrown lots and dilapidated buildings are all too common in parts of downtown Augusta.

City leaders want to tackle the problem, but they first have to come up with the money.

Since most property owners are no where to be found when the city comes after them about maintaining abandoned buildings, the city often has to pay to board up and demolish abandoned structures.

So commissioners are looking for outside help.

"There are federal funds that could come in and support our cause by taking these buildings down and then charging it to the HUD so we can them make these properties available for low rent housing and approve the location it's in for the neighborhood," Commissioner Don Grantham told News 12.

Officials have identified 1500 properties in Augusta needing work.

50 of those buildings have recently been demolished, and 38 demolitions have been scheduled.

Mayor's race heats up

All four Augusta mayoral candidates came together for another mayoral forum last night.

Ronnie Few, Steven Kendrick, Deke Cophenhaver and William "Gil" Gilyard were out last night talking with voters about what they plan to do if they win November's election.

You can cast your vote for the next mayor of Augusta on November 7. Today is the last day to register to vote in the state of Georgia.