Only on 12: Victim of robbery caught on tape speaks out

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October 9, 2006

A day after an armed robber terrorized a 20-year-old clerk and steals money orders and cash from an Augusta liquor store, the victim speaks out.

Only on 12, Diane Cho sits down with the young woman as she explains what it was like to be held up at gunpoint.

It only lasted about 10-15 minutes, but to Misty it may as well have been an eternity.

The armed gunman stormed in her store, demanded money orders, then locked her in the bathroom.

Misty agreed to speak with us only if we concealed her identity.

Just a day after her encounter and 20-year-old Misty still shakes at the memory.

"I didn't think I was going to make it out," she told us.

And it was all caught on tape.

You can see Misty's horrifying experience as a gunman with a cloth across his face walks inside A's Package Store on Gordon Highway.

You can see her hands trembling as she tries to give the gunman what she thinks he wants.

"You want cash?" she asks in the video.

"No, I want money orders. Come lock the door!"

"I'm trying. I don't know where the keys are."

"He kept telling me, 'Don't cry, don't cry. Get your store keys, get your store keys'," Misty recalled.

Then he told her to print $3500 worth of money orders, but Misty was so nervous she couldn't get the machine to work.

After repeatedly telling her he's not going to hurt her, his patience started to dwindle and his anger began to escalate.

"If I go to jail it's for murdering your (expletive)," he said.

Just when she thought it was over, he locked her in the bathroom. By then, Misty says, she had come to terms with dying.

"Hey, I'm probably going to die today," she remembers thinking. "I'm 20 years old, I haven't really lived. I'll be least it was me and not someone with kids."

Now that it's over, she plans on returning to work...but she won't work another shift alone.

"It'll always be in the back of my mind every time someone comes in the store, 'What are they going to do?' But if somebody does something, there's nothing you can do about it."

Misty told us the gunman is a regular customer at the store, but she never really took note of him because he had always been very polite when he came in.

With the robber being a regular customer plus the fact that the entire robbery, with sound, was caught on surveillance tape, the police have some strong leads to go on. However, there have been no arrests yet.

The suspect is described as a black male with a low haircut and goatee, over six feet tall and weighing about 200 pounds. He was last seen wearing a light blue warm-up suit with white stripes, black tennis shoes and white baseball hat with the Bridgestone logo on it.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.