Mother and son indicted in Grovetown murder case

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, April 22, 2009

GROVETOWN, Ga.---A Columbia County mother and son face more charges in the death of 41-year old Kay Parsons. Parsons was found beaten in her Grovetown home last month.

Indictments were handed down today from the Columbia County grand jury. 41-year old Rebecca Sears and her 20-year old son Christopher Bowers are each now charged with burglary, armed robbery, and murder.

The indictment lays out the charges and says Bowers and Sears robbed Parsons, stole her jewelry off her body during the attack, but one question has yet to be answered and that's why.

In the last month prosecutors have slowly unveiled a plot to kill 41-year old Kay Parsons. Her next door neighbor, Rebecca Sears is being called the mastermind and her son, Christopher Bowers, the attacker.
Both have now been indicted in Parsons' murder.

According to the grand jury indictment both Sears and Bowers are facing four charges: burglary, armed robbery, malice murder and felony murder.

The indictment goes on to say during the burglary Parsons' was robbed and a gold necklace and watch were taken off her body. At some point she was beaten with a bat and a claw hammer.

"Policemen discovered the victim had been beaten almost to death by a claw hammer in her living room. The blood trail suggests she fled from Christopher Sean Bowers into the garage where she was ultimately murdered by the blows from the claw hammer," says Assistant District Attorney Philip Catalano during a bond hearing last week.

The fourth charge, felony murder, leaves the option for capital punishment if the District Attorney's office seeks the death penalty.

Sears' attorney, Victor Hawk, said at last week's bond hearing he thought all evidence was circumstantial. "I haven't really heard anything from the state with regard to real evidence to justify concluding that Rebecca sears killed anyone," says Victor Hawk, Rebecca Sears' Defense Attorney.

The indictment cancels the preliminary hearing that was scheduled for April 29th. The next step will be an arraignment where Sears and Bowers will both enter a plea on these new charges. After that, the trial process will begin.

Both Sears and Bowers remain in the Columbia County jail with no bond.

The million dollar question is still why these two allegedly killed Parsons. Its one of the many unanswered questions and the motive has yet to been made public and now with no preliminary hearing in the immediate future, it may be a little while longer before it is made public.

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