Husband accused in shooting death of Denmark woman

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October 7, 2006

A wife and mother in Denmark, South Carolina has been shot and killed...and authorities say she was shot by her husband.

31-year -old Chauncy Tyler is in jail after a six hour statewide manhunt on Friday (October 6).

Edward Tyler's world fell apart this weekend. His daughter-in-law was murdered right next door, and authorities say it was her husband, Edward's only son, that killed her.

"Tore everybody apart," said Ruben Tyler, Edward's brother and the suspect's uncle. "Everybody was real hurt and felt real bad about what happened. Everybody did."

"He was a good son...always listened to me," Edward told News 12. "She was a good daughter in law too if she could do you a favor she would do it."

But Rosalyn Tyler will never help her father in law again.

She was last seen Friday afternoon, arguing with her husband outside their home.

"They argued like most couples," Ruben said. "They had their ups and downs."

But this one would be their last. A bullet fired from a shotgun killed Rosalyn Tyler in her own front yard.

"I got here about ten minutes after it happened," Ruben said. "She was lying on the ground bleeding, trying to breathe, trying to get her breath...but she was gone."

Also gone was the suspect, Ruben's nephew Chauncy.

Authorities say Chauncy Tyler stole his wife's car, then ran from police for six hours. They later found him just feet from the scene, next door with his father.

"We had to call the sheriff to come and pick him up," Edward said.

Chauncy Tyler is now under a suicide watch at Bamburg County's detention center.

1st Lt. George Folk helped arrest him.

"He was just out of it," 1st Lt. Folk told News 12. "He didn't seem to realize what had happened at that time."

What happened and why are the questions on everyone's minds. Just what led to the loss of a wife and mother of two?

Chauncy Tyler was estranged from his wife when this happened.

They had an eleven-year-old son who lives with relatives and was not home at the time of the murder.

Rosalyn Tyler also had a 19-year-old daughter.