Augusta man attacked, shot in own driveway

October 8, 2006

An Augusta man is recovering after being shot in the back.

26-year old Zaragoza Rueda says a man and woman attacked him when he pulled into his driveway outside his mobile home near Gordon Highway.

He says they used a rock to bust open his window, fired two shots, then ran off.

His neighbor says she heard those gunshots and that she can't get the sounds out of her head.

"I think about a couple weeks ago there was some shooting on the other side, over there a lady got shot in her leg," she said. "Kinda rough out here. They was cleaning things up around here."

"Didn't used to be a bad neighborhood, it didn't," she went on. "I don't know what's wrong now."

Rueda was taken to the hospital and later discharged, but the bullet is still in his back. No arrests have been made.