Mayoral Candidate Close-Up: Steven Kendrick

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October 5, 2006

Businessman Steven Kendrick is another candidate with no political experience, but he says that's not what most voters are looking for.

He took News 12 to the James Brown Arena to tell us about his vision for Augusta.

"The community has a bad impression of our Civic Center," he said.

It's got a new name and will soon have a new leader, but Kendrick says as mayor, he'd like to give the Center a major makeover.

"I think our city deserves a civic center or and arena that is representative of the type of city we want to be," he said.

His plans include new seating and lighting and a new sound system...but that all costs money.

And keeping a better tab on city expenditures is a concern at the top of his list.

"We have got to get control of that," he said. "It is probably our number one issue in my opinion. We have to make sure our mayor leads the discussion as it relates to the budget."

Kendrick knows the mayor often has more of a voice than a vote...and he'd like to use that voice to help repair the rapport among city leaders.

"The big thing we need to start to do to fix that is to continue to talk to each other, continue to try to understand each other, be more tolerant of others when they have a differing opinion," he said.

Kendrick is also looking to kickstart community service programs. He says that while feedback from the community has been positive, there have been signs of negativity. But he's determined not to let that tear him away from the task at hand.

"We continue to place them all in the right places and make sure anybody who is working with us is not doing anything to damage anyone else's signs, and these things will take care of themselves," he said.

Mr. Kendrick also tells us his decision to run for mayor was contingent upon Willie Mays not being in the race.

He says he knew he couldn't beat the former interim mayor if he were to run, but says he's confident he can outpoll the three opponents that are in the race.