Updated: Bond denied in Grovetown deadly beating

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, April 16, 2009

EVANS, Ga. --- A mother and son accused of murdering her neighbor are back in jail with no bond. It was a killing that shook a Grovetown neighborhood.

Rebecca Sears and her 19-year old son Christopher Bowers charged with murdering Sears' neighbor.

Prosecutors are calling this a heinous crime involving an elaborate plot between mother and son, all to murder Kay Parsons.

Christoper Bowers, followed by his mother Rebecca Sears enter the courtroom and scan the crowd for family members. The two are charged with murder in the beating death of 41-year old Kay Parsons. A killing prosecutors say was both planned and heinous.

"Policemen discovered the victim had been beaten almost to death by a claw hammer in her living room. The blood trail suggests she fled from Christopher Sean Bowers into the garage where she was ultimately murdered by the blows from the claw hammer," says Assistant District Attorney Philip Catalano.

Prosecutors say Bowers delivered those blows, but his mother was the mastermind. They claim she knew Parsons' schedule, and told her son exactly when to attack.

"There's no limit to what they will do to attempt to avoid punishment for their crimes," says Catalano.

Victor and Jacque Hawk are defending Sears and Bowers. They say Thursday's court date wasn't so much about the bond, but about hearing the evidence, and so far they say there isn't any.

"I haven't really heard anything from the state with regard to real evidence to justify concluding that Rebecca Sears killed anyone," says Victor Hawk, who represents Sears.

"I've told him he's going to sit there. We're gonna have to deal with it until we can get some real evidence in this case," says Jacque Hawk, who represents Bowers.

Some family members stand watching, hoping the mother of five and her son get to come home. "The family needs her, her children need her, especially the minor children. She has a child in middle school and two very small children and they need their mother," says Victor.

But for the near future at least, the only place their mother will walk, is back into a jail cell.

There is a preliminary hearing in this case scheduled for April 29th. Even though the judge denied bond today, the attorneys will have a chance to ask for bond again after that preliminary hearing.

Prosecutors also say Sears and Bowers deliberately deceived law enforcement by staging a burglary at their home, the same day Parsons was killed. They say the two also staged a shooting in Richmond County all to draw attention away from themselves.

Prosecutors do have a motive, but have not gone public with it yet. That is a detail that should be released at the preliminary hearing.

Both attorneys tell News 12 how their clients are handling life in jail. "She's depressed. She's very upset that she's being held in jail. She's very upset she's being charged -- who wouldn't be?" Says Victor about Sears.

"He's hanging in there, I mean this is traumatic for anybody. He's been arrested and facing charges like this but I've told him he's going to sit there. We're gonna have to deal with it until we can get some real evidence in this case," says Jacque about Bowers.

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